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Avoiding Healthcare Staffing Shortages During the Flu Season

healthcare staffing southampton

Avoiding Healthcare Staffing Shortages During the Flu Season

Cold and flu season is well and truly upon us. This is a particularly difficult and busy time for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Preparation is key to coping with flu season, as otherwise healthcare staffing can become spread thin. This can be more than just inconvenient; if left too long it can become deadly.

healthcare staffing southampton

One of the worst on record

2018’s flu season has been particularly difficult. The United Kingdom is dealing with one of the worst winter crises in 20 years, and hospitals in the United States have declared states of emergency over the flu. With the sheer levels of flu that we’re looking at this year, it’s only responsible to look at your potential healthcare staffing solutions to ensure that people with the flu are being seen in adequate time. While flu is not typically deadly, in people with compromised immune systems it can be much more problematic.

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Healthcare Staffing with Locum Workers

Locum literally means “to hold a place” in Latin. Locum workers are temporary and fill in for permanent staff members who have taken ill. There are a multitude of different locum workers; they even fill positions vacated by sick doctors, dentists, psychiatrists etc. Contact your healthcare staffing agency to find out what they can do to ensure that you are adequately staffed.

Hygiene is everything

Proper hand washing and hygiene is the key to preventing the spread of flu and colds. Frequent hand washing and adequate amounts of hand sanitizer placed in key location can stop the spread of bacteria in its tracks. For healthcare staff who are already afflicted, ensure that you sneeze into a clean tissue and then place it directly into a bin. Sneezing into your hand or sleeve is one of the ways that the flu can spread.

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